Osamu mukai and maki horikita dating

I got curious....:) Godbless and more power こんにちは向井さん。お元気ですか? I first saw you in Bambino and at that time I felt that even you hold a small role but I kinda attracted to know you more.

Will Chisato be able to open up their hearts and turn these strangers into a loving family?

20 years old Chisato lost her mother to illness at a young age.

Her father, an impulsive gambler, has disappeared, leaving her with a 100 million Yen debt.

At one point, Fū wanted Chisato to become his girlfriend, but the real purpose of it was to keep his many girlfriends at bay.

He has fifty different licenses, including one for boxing. 27 years old second son, Takeru is a member of a delinquent bike gang, yet is kind-hearted.

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