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We’re all guilty of charging our smartphone overnight while sleeping.Here’s the thing though: keeping it plugged in after 100% degrades your battery life.Android more so than i OS, but that’s not to say your i Phone can’t become infected. Apple’s already gone on record warning consumers that using non-Apple power adapters and USB cables can lead to safety issues such as burns and electrocutions.Be it an app, suspicious web domains (aka porn sites), or random Whatsapp messages -- malware can strike and unleash a bug programmed to destroy the operating system. UK repair company mendmyi even claims these accessories might ruin the U2 IC chip on the logic board -- ruining the device's ability to boot up or charge past 1% after the battery dies. We get it -- after years of incessant pop-up alerts asking you to update i Tunes, you're pretty much oblivious to any and all i OS system upgrades.The only thing that suffers more physical abuse than your i Phone is the charging cable you leave dangling off the wall in your bedroom.Malfunctioning power cords are dangerous for any electronic device -- they can insert a negative charge that causes harm to the phone.Leaving it in the sun to catch a tan will overheat the device and ruin the circuitry inside, while keeping it out in frigid weather will freeze the handset.

And like every great invention, it's destined to suffer abuse and misuse -- eventually becoming devoid of functionality by way of broken screens and unintended trips into the toilet.

Experts advise charging and discharging in small quantities, but if the urgency is there to wake up to a fully powered i Phone, consider dropping on the Belkin Conserve Socket.

It preserves juice by automatically turning off after a set time.

Steam can either cause wear-and-tear to the design or seep into the device and convert into water, possibly short-circuiting hardware.

Overheating is another issue since steam can inflame the surface your phone is laid out on.

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