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However, you may find yourself wondering if serious relationships can start with casual sex and how to make your informal fling more official.

Many people choose to be sexually active with others before getting to know them on a more emotional level in order to determine if there’s even sexual chemistry between the two of them.

The sex is great, and you're both down to do it again soon.

In the beginning, your FWB is always the one to hit you up. " text, and you have the luxury of choosing to get laid or deciding that going over to their place isn't worth it and pretending to already be asleep.

More likely, though, the experience looks a little something like this.

You match with someone on a dating app or meet at a bar, and instantly feel sparks flying between you.

Once they let slip her name, you can't help but look her up on Instagram. Their name pops up on your phone and your stomach does this weird thing.

She's really pretty, and OK, there are still some photos of them together on her page. Was that sushi you had at lunch not as fresh as the restaurant claimed? You ignore the sensation and open the text, which includes a flirty greeting and a few select emojis. But that hope of "something more" always ends up creeping in. The time in between your hangouts grows longer and longer until you realize haven't seen them in weeks.

You start to notice how often your hookup buddy brings up their ex in casual conversation.You flirt, and the sexual tension continues to build.They come over or you go to their place, maybe under the pretense of "hanging out." Or you skip the charade altogether and head straight to the bedroom.Oxytocin affects men too, but not to the same extent.Some guys release the hormone when they orgasm, while others don't.

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In other words, many people want to know that a fulfilling sexual connection is present before deciding to pursue something more serious and long-term.

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