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Policing can become all-encompassing, not just for the ones wearing the uniform, but also for those who love them.The lifestyle can become “who you are” instead of just a part of who you are.In the dark times, this knowledge is what gets me through, so I lean into the pain that allows me to move onto the next moments in time because, while the loneliness visits, it doesn’t stay for long.

One of the things I desired in my marriage was someone who would be there on holidays, weekends, evenings and who could be my “partner in crime.” But watching Mike go to a job every day that he hated began killing my soul.My biggest battle in being a police wife is embracing my loneliness and not letting it define me or who we are as a couple.It’s still there, 23 years later, but I take comfort in the knowledge that the honor of my husband’s career and the willing sacrifice we make together outweighs any personal pain I carry.The potential for decisiveness is a large consideration when hiring police officers and exercising it with confidence and accuracy is necessary for survival.But this same decisiveness can get in the way of successful relationships when we allow it to override consideration of your partner’s thoughts and desires about important decisions you’ll make as a couple.

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His unhappiness became a greater pain to me than the loneliness I feared, so I gave him my blessing to begin testing.

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