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Makes it so much better to have a film family to connect with. #hearties #season7 wcth_tv hallmarkchannel #paulgreene @arenbuchholz @Evabourneallan… Loving the future of cars and marveling at what it must have been like to see a car like this #buick for the first time. One of my favorite things about our set is the horses. #hearties #paulgreene @privateconvos #horse #wcth #love hallmarkchannel @ Vancouver,… I am ready to see @paulgreenemedia in the 3rd episode of #Christmas In Evergreen this Christmas. kate.austin.alchemist #roadtrip #america #usa we ain’t from here but we love it. @Danica Mc Kellar and @Paul Greene Media star in #Campfire Kiss, 9 pm Saturday on @Global Ptbo.

According to the US Coast Guard, a rescue operation on the 75-foot boat near Santa Cruz island was still underway as of a.m., however they did not confirm any fatalities.

Share | The Saudi coalition has carried out yet another terror attack in Yemen this weekend.

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