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Many sites out there sell contact information directly, and many will offer you a letter forwarding service, this is best avoided at all times, can you really sure you are paying to have your letter forwarded to a lady? These services are very out dated and often used fraudulently.

offer you live instant chat as well as emailing giving you the opportunity to become acquainted with each other before passing on personal contact details, all communication on the site is done on a safe user friendly platform...

Some of the poor quality or fake Russian dating sites often resort to verifying members who they actually have proof of.

Some sites will even tell you they verify members at their "Own descretion" the chances are they are verifying all and anyone to make their web site look as though it has many "Real" women.

has a strict policy of immediately deleting any profiles that are showing fraudulent behaviour.

A Russian dating site with many photos of beautiful girls may look like the best site in the world, but thousands of sites are launched every month in this industry. Even if a site is perfectly legitimate, theres no guarantee that it will be around tomorrow so you want to make sure that the service you use has some longevity behind it already.

Scam dating sites are saturated with sexy girls under 25. If the site is full of profiles of Russian models, there are very good chances for it to be a dating site scam.

In reality, the most beautiful and sexy Russian and Ukrainian women have the embarrassment of choice in their own country and rarely use dating sites and marriage agencies.

Usually this involves members uploading a scan of their passport for admin to check.If, following some changes made to your profile, the interest of women increases, it is a relevant sign.[/size] 4. Is it possible at some point to get directly in touch with the Russian or Ukrainian girl?If this is not possible, the risk of being a scam is really high: how can you be sure she is really writing to you and that it’s not a dating site scam?Some sites suggest they have "European management " Or worse make out the site is operated by a Western European or US firm, when actually the site is often operated by some guy in his bedroom in some part of Eastern Europe if they are lying to you from day one, can you trust a web site operator like this? As well as making you think they are something they are not you can be sure that any sensitive information will not be safe with the operator of such sites.Often such operators are only interested in extracting your cash at any cost. Always check out any Russian dating sites you are thinking of signing up to.

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