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Sometimes you find yourself with the guy/girl of your dreams, other times the dream bubble bursts. What qualities do you really want from a dating relationship? Besides having an obvious physical attraction to another person, most people would list the basic qualities below as important ones in any relationship: Think ahead for just a moment.

What relationship qualities would you like to see added to that if the possibility of marriage were in the near future?

Sex in marriage aids in bonding — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The thrill and the newness of the sexual union in marriage can even help weather the storms of the early years of marital adjustments. Without unconditional love, acceptance, commitment, and loyalty only to each other, and without similar goals and values, sex can be quite empty. Many teens report the following problems: ANXIETY over parents finding out, anxiety over the possibility of pregnancy or disease.

GUILT from certain people finding out FEELINGS OF BEING USED When sex is involved in a relationship, there is more of an emotional tie, especially for the girl.

Sometimes, as a teen, you may begin to look for some of these marital qualities in a dating relationship.

Sometimes that is good, but other times it may cause you to start expecting too much of the other person too soon.

You can easily believe you are in love and not really know each other very well at all.

When the relationship becomes threatened with a break-up, there is often a feeling of being less special to someone, and there is a feeling of being used simply for the sex. INSECURE RELATIONSHIPS Many young men are not ready for the emotional or continued commitment that is required from a sexual relationship.

A young lady often wonders, “Will we stay together?

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You will begin to look for feedback of acceptance thru sex.

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