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That concept has attracted a higher calibre of users who want something more than a casual hook-up. The ladies have spoken and here’s what they told Rebecca, 30 (dating men) "I like a guy who looks happy, is smiling and enjoying life – bonus points if he's doing an actual activity.

I don't mean like mountain biking, something more along the lines of beer pong.

"In this case, think of the private Bumble chats as the bathroom where you can send personal photos.

But please don’t send photos of you in your underwear (or nothing - yikes!

And if that first impression happens to involve a pair of petrol station sunnies, a tiger in Vegas or a “let my abs do the talking” shot*, it can be a “hell no” from the get-go. Sure, one woman’s “hipster Santa Claus” could very well be another’s Thor.

Once you make a match, you’ve got 24 hours to message them (for both heterosexual and same-sex dating) – and they have 24 hours to respond.

Bumble, the app that makes women make the first move, has officially heard users who automatically distrust a guy with a bathroom mirror showing off his boxers and naked torso in his profile.

In a blog post published Friday, the company announced a number of new photo guidelines, including no photos of kids by themselves, no pictures that don't show your face, no text or watermarks, no photos in your underwear, and no showing off bathing suits indoors (but if you're at the beach or the pool, snap away)."Look, if you want to meet someone in the bathroom of the restaurant and show them your underwear, that’s your prerogative," the post reads.

Like if a guy only has photos of him at the races... Cats show a softer side."Priya*, 31 (dating men) "You know you've found you're 'humble Bumble' match when he's wearing a nice shirt, with a great smile, some pictures with the fam bam (bonus points for the uncles out there with the cute picture of their niece/nephew) or friends and looks like an all-round legend who loves adventures (bonus points for exotic travel destinations)."[I don't like the] gym selfie, the man pout selfie, the oiled up shirtless selfie that highlights the fact that yes 98% of your body is covered in tattoos or the before and after selfie - OK we get it, you love chicken, brown rice and broccoli and lifting is life!

I lose patience if I am trying to guess who they are in a crowd every photo."Emma*, 32 (dating men and women) "I'm a bit over shirtless pics. Even when they have 'that's my nephew' in the info. Ideally I look for photos that promote someone's personality and interests – things that are unique about them. Any pictures with even a hint of arrogance are a big fat no for me. If a profile has no photos, it's an automatic no.

It's creepy AF."Stacey, 31 (dating men) "Display pics that will definitely grab my attention include pics with pets, food – cooking or eating! I find that a little creepy – what are they hiding? One woman's deal breaker is another's deal maker.

"Casey*, 28 (dating men) "Guys wearing petrol station sunnies, with mullets, bad shoes, or any shirtless pics are definite red flags (and quick nos).

On the other hand, guys who only wear suits seem boring.

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Of all the images you can encounter on a dating app, few are as loathsome as the shirtless mirror selfie.

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