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Your recovery plans and activities should always include time for yourself that is relaxing and beneficial.

Before proceeding, you should always talk to your doctor or therapist about the best ways to bring this information up.

If your child is old enough, you should discuss your plan with your child and identify resources and options together for handling things when you are not well.

A higher proportion of parents with serious mental illness lose custody of their children than parents without mental illness.

An inconsistent and unpredictable family environment, often found in families in which a parent has mental illness, contributes to a child's risk.

Other factors that place all children at risk, but particularly increase the vulnerability of children whose parents have a mental illness, include: Families at greatest risk are those in which mental illness, a child with their own difficulties, and chronically stressful family environments are all present.

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It includes an online community, tips and tools and other resources.

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