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Best Lyrics:“And nobody knows I’m in love with someone’s baby I don’t wanna hide us away Tell the world about the love we’re making I’m living for that day someday Why can’t I hold you in the street? I wish that we could be like that Why can’t we be like that? It’s Sad to Belong by England Dan and John Ford Coley This song is all about how sad it is to belong to someone when the right person comes along.The song tells the story of a guy who meets the lady of his dreams, but he is already married to someone else.Best Lyrics:“The bus is pulling out and I guess I’d better go Before I make a grave mistake and let my feelings show And twenty miles away she waits alone for me But when I try to picture her you’re the one I see.”6.I Honestly Love You by Olivia Newton-John This is a famous ballad about heartbreak.If you are stuck in the uncomfortable place where you want someone else, these songs about wanting someone else while in a relationship are for you.Hopefully, the feelings for this person will made and your toughest moment will pass by without a problem.1.In it, Katy Perry talks about how much she misses an ex while she has moved on to someone else.Like most of us, she sees the relationship through rose-tinted lenses because she remembers the good, but not the bad.

Thinking of You by Katy Perry This is another one of the best songs about wanting someone else while in a relationship.

As the protagonist heads home, he sees a girl on the bus who becomes his downfall.

He takes off with her and leaves the girlfriend behind—something we never recommend anyone doing.

What makes a relationship long-lasting is choosing not to act on these feelings and to ignore them.

It is the choices that you make that determine the fate of your relationship, and not whether an attractive person passed you by.

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People think that you find true love, get married and other people stop being attractive.

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