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And Jon Stewart, king of cynicism, once called Carell comedy's "kindness at the heart of darkness."Carell has said one of the many reasons he loves his wife is because they share the same sense of humor.In fact, she even played his girlfriend Carol the real estate agent on The Office.They were even both correspondents on The Daily Show at the same time, which is not only adorable but SO enviable.Can you imagine working with the person you loved the most AND Jon Stewart?And I think that’s what makes them so funny.” In the same interview, the Carell parents shared that they don’t discuss work much while at home.They don’t believe it interests their children, and they don’t want their job to define them as parents in the eyes of their children.

According to Steve, he was very hesitant to ask her out at first, and Nancy was hesitant about dating him also.

If there was a person like you."Carell went on to say in a piece he wrote for The Guardian about his family values, both growing up and now, that he knew right away that Nancy was the one for him: "I thought she hated me because she was very quiet around me.

I thought she for sure knew that I was full of it, and I later found out that she was just as nervous as I was and trying to act cool."So cute! Luckily they both finally overcame their bashfulness and got together and have been ever since.

Who is she, what does she do for a living, and how did she come to marry her funny man?

Nancy was born Nancy Ellen Wells on July 19, 1966, in Cohasset, Massachusetts.

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According to an interview with Steve and Nancy, the two Carell kids share their parents’ sense of humor.

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