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i Delete and Snapchat are perfect apps for sexting.If your child has one of these apps on his or her cell phone, there is a high chance that your teen uses them for sex chatting.Understand your teen lives in a very different generation that is far more open about sex than previous generations.While the dialogue may be shocking at first, the conversation will stay with your teen for years to come.If you got pregnant before you were married, explain why it means you understand the importance of abstinence and safe sex. While most parents of Christian teens would like to think that talking about abstinence is enough, the unfortunate fact is that many teens (Christian and non-Christian alike) have sex before marriage.While it is important to tell our teens why not having sex before marriage is ideal, we cannot just skip over the talk about having safe sex. Be educated about those topics, before you talk about them so you aren't taken off guard when you're asked.All teens like it, and a lot of them are involved in teen sexting as well.

For example these apps can be used when a teen wants to make a compliment like a real pirate.

Talking to your children about sex is not comfortable. For most parents, the "birds and the bees" talk is one they dread. Actually, Song of Solomon tells us that sex is a beautiful thing. It's okay to be nervous about having "the conversation," but don't get so nervous that your child thinks sex is something bad. Know that your teen is probably exposed to a lot of sexual information every day. Sex is on the cover of almost every magazine in the store.

Yet, take a moment to think about what your child would learn if he or she did not hear it from you. Boys and girls at school are probably talking about it regularly. Your teen is probably not as sheltered as you'd like to think.

Don't hide who you were thinking that your teen will not be able to respect your opinion if you tell them the truth.

If you had sex, explain that it is why you know it is better to wait.

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