Trusting god in dating relationships

When I first started looking into the different bible verses about trusting God and bible verses about faith, I was trying to define the exact moment when you trust someone unconditionally.

Nevertheless, our relationship got to a point where we were breaking up every other month. Every night I would pray that our relationship would take a turn for the better. This time I asked God to forgive me for going against His better judgement, for being so disobedient, and for not trusting Him with my heart.Sometimes we pray for answers we are not fully prepared for.Trusting God’s will means trusting that He knows what’s best for us even if it means we have to part ways with people we are not quite ready to part ways with.However, throughout the Bible, all scriptures on trusting God repeat how important it is to entrust the Lord with everything. Only when you surrender all, He can truly work in your life.Related Post: 50 Most Popular Bible Verses From Proverbs Ever heard of the term “Ride or Die”?

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You see, all of my headaches, heartaches, and tears could have been avoided IF I was fully prepared for what I was praying for. Are you going to trust Him even if the answer is not the one you want?

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