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Linux distributions also offer similar applications. For example, if you’re using the GNOME desktop, you may have the “Cheese” application installed.You can probably install this application from your Linux distribution’s package manager if you don’t.Recording straight from your browser means you no longer have to worry about uploading content from your phone or camera to your desktop.

Photos you take will be stored in your Photo Booth Library, and you can also right-click (or Command-click) them in the Photo Booth window to export them and save them elsewhere.

To open it, press Command Space to open Spotlight search, type “Photo Booth”, and press Enter.

You can also open Launchpad and click the “Photo Booth” icon, or open the Finder, click “Applications”, and double-click the “Photo Booth” application.

Tap the Windows key to open the Start menu, search for “Camera”, and launch it. The camera app allows you to take photos and record videos.

It also provides a timer feature and other options, although it’s still a fairly simple application.

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