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Whoever the turd is that said you can sleep when your dead clearly never had tiny children. Mine, and everyone else’s around me if I don’t get enough. Again, this is probably somewhere on the blogosphere, but I was just so pleased that my hunt for blackout curtains could be laid to rest with this trick to DIY my own and wanted to share with the rest of you fine folks!Here’s something else you need to know: I’m picky about curtains.

In addition to enhancing your décor, drapes can let in or block light as well as grant you privacy as needed.

Read less Designed and made by expert craftsmen in high quality fabrics and unique prints, adorn your windows with some ready made curtains and ready made blinds that are available in varying sizes and styles.

From subtle prints and classic block colours to more vibrant patterns, they are practical and offer long lasting style.

Wash and hem your curtain panel to fit your window (we used inexpensive Ritva curtains from Ikea for twelve dollars a pop).2.

Lay your curtain flat on a drop cloth and apply horizontal stripes of painter’s tape across the entire curtain at equal increments (we did six stripes that were about 12 inches thick).3. We used latex paint thinned out with Folk Art Textile Medium from the craft store. Using a small foam roller, apply two thin coats of paint for each of your stripes.

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