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Flight attendants are considered safety-sensitive employees subject to FAA drug and alcohol testing requirements and flight time limitations. The request should include social security number, date and place of birth, and certificate number together with a copy of formal documentation showing evidence of the change(s) such as a marriage certificate, a divorce decree, or a court order. An enters a record in the FAA’s database in a timely manner, in the following instances: · The first time a flight attendant not already holding a certificate completes initial, recurrent, or re-qualification training, or · An airplane Group rating is added to an existing certificate.When CFR § 43.3 (k) conditions are not met the pilot cannot perform the update unless the Administrator approves it under 14 CFR § 43.3(h). Completion of a carrier's training program will qualify them for issuance of a Flight Attendant's certificate. The FAA started issuing these a little over a year ago, just before the SIC types. The same holds true for Pilots and Dispatchers.[Edited 2006-08-11 ]Pay particular Attention to Section 4 paragraph E where is says that no person may serve as a flight attendant about an air carrier after Dec 11, 2004 without a flight attendant certificate The Sub K was for 91 only. ORDERS: 8400.10 APPENDIX: 4 BULLETIN TYPE: Flight Standards Information Bulletin for Air Transportation (FSAT) BULLETIN NUMBER: FSAT 04-07 BULLETIN TITLE: Flight Attendant Certification EFFECTIVE DATE: 12/10/04 TRACKING NUMBER: N/A M/M ATA Code 14 PTRS N/A N/A 121 N/A APPLICABILITY: ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. This bulletin cancels N8400.64, Flight Attendant Certification. Although flight attendants perform safety- and security-related functions, they previously had never been certificated like pilots, mechanics, aircraft dispatchers, parachute riggers, and others whom Congress calls airmen, collectively. Only in this case must the enter updated information in the System; a new certificate is generated. If personal information shown on the Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency should change, such as a name, date of birth, citizenship, or gender, a flight attendant may request that the information be changed in the FAA’s database. I provided a link to the licensed group, and F/A's are not listed. In the query box enter “public law 108-176” (with quotes). (4) The enters the following data for each record: · Name · Date of birth · Place of birth · Address · Physical description (height, weight, hair and eye color, and gender) · Citizenship · Qualification in Group I, Group , or both NOTE: Entering a record and generating a certificate is normally a one-time occurrence for each flight attendant, regardless of the number of air carrier training programs a flight attendant might complete.It provides revised guidance for principal operations inspectors (POI), aviation safety inspectors ()-cabin safety, and directors of operations (DO) of certain air carriers concerning the flight attendant certification requirements established by Congress. Congress acknowledged that flight attendants perform vital crewmember functions onboard air carrier aircraft, including emergency functions for aircraft evacuations, firefighting, first aid, and response to security threats. (Two airline names would appear in the FAA database, the name of the origin airline and the name of the applicable subsequent airline.) B. He or she should send by United States Postal Service, a signed request stating the reason for the request.Of course if the pilot also holds the required maintenance certificates, then he can update the database in the appropriate way.

14 CFR Part 43 covers Maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding and alteration.The FAA does not require that you get a new certificate when updating your address and won’t issue one automatically.The FAA will only issue one copy of each certificate.(3) The holder of operating certificates must make available written procedures consistent with manufacturer's instructions to the pilot that describe how to: (i) Perform the database update; and (ii) Determine the status of the data upload.I assume that by updating you mean loading a pre-compiled database into the FMS, replacing the old one.

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