Valuing and validating bilingualism in canada

It presents results from eight countries enrolled in the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS). The study finds commonalities between countries in terms of the valuing of language skills, independent of the type of language policy applied at the national level. In each of the eight countries compared, skills in a second language are estimated to be a major factor constraining wage opportunities. Language-in-education policies, decision making analysis, non-cooperative game, language skills, hierarchical linear modeling, human capital theory, rate of return analysis, postcolonial Africa, IALS, SACMEQApple, M.

Results of the analysis show that although home language plays a limited role in explaining within- and between-school variations in mathematics achievement, language proficiency, when proxied by reading scores, plays a significant role in the heterogeneity of results.

Each study then targets at least one stage of the EIPOL framework to test the validity of the “green” vs. Whereas the two first studies derive models tested empirically in the African context, the third is tested on a sample of countries from the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS). Evaluating "Literacy for development" projects, programs and campaigns: Evaluation planning, design and implementation, and utilization of evaluation results.

The first study, Rationales to Language-in-Education Policies in Postcolonial Africa: Towards a Holistic Approach, considers two issues. Hamburg: UNESCO Institute for Education; DSE [German Foundation for International Development].

Bilingualism and Bilingual Education: A Comparative Study.

Mother tongues, other tongues and link languages: What they mean in a changing world.

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Competences et recompenses: La valeur des langues en Suisse.

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