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He had no ambition, and played video games most of the day, streaming for his paltry following of six people that he wasn’t entirely sure were actually human or just bots.He sometimes hung out at the nearby junior college, which pleased his parents (who were hardly at home anyways), but it wasn’t for educational purposes, it was to sell weed with one of his friends, his main source of income.On top of that, he had made so much money from stock trading that he could basically retire in a few years.Thomas was the star of their family, a topic their father could never stop talking about, while Wesley was the dust swept under the couch, barely noticed and not worth any attention., available from the most important cities of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, our team and girls are focussed in bring telephone pleasure to all our clients: Aunties, Bhabhis and Desi Girls are available to chat with you, all our numbers have access from mobile.our 24/7 service is absolutely anonymous our girls never call you back and your data and phone number are being protected by our platform. she spoken hindi and is a sweet bhabhi, she wants to receive many people on simultaneous way, to try to get a multiple telephone orgasm, she is naughty and dirty...He was a little younger than Thomas, and was actually a college dropout. Wes sipped his coke silently and enjoyed the eye contact with his favorite new visitor, his own chest thumping rapidly. They ended up playing several games for several hours, before Brennan finally got tired of losing, and called it. You gotta teach me how you do all that stuff.” “Ha, well, maybe if we get more time together before you guys leave, I will.” “Sounds good. If he played his cards right with his new hypno mixtape, then come tomorrow Brennan’s keen, intelligent mind would be soft and pliable like clay, to be molded into whatever he wanted. Wes quietly stole out of his room and snuck towards his brother’s, the soft sounds of snoring lingering in the air. Plus, wanna see some old friends, and introduce them to Bren.” Wes felt his heart quicken. His body was more perfect than he could have imagined. You can just, uh, chill in my room I guess, ‘til I get back? ” Brennan politely socked Wes on his arm, and Wes smiled. We’re pals now.” He smiled and patted Wes on the back, and Wes was irritated to find himself blushing again.

He hit the play button, then backed off, as the sound of his own voice started playing near Brennan at a low volume, soothing like the steam rising from a cup of tea. and then, listen to my words, Brennan, with every breath you take, fall deeper and deeper into trance, breathe in, breathe out, slower and slower, deeper into trance you go…” He felt embarrassed by the sound of his own voice, but he did notice that Brennan’s breathing seemed to slow down. More importantly, Wes had suggested that Brennan wear as little clothing as possible the next morning, without being too indecent, and his outfit seemed to align with that. He waited until Brennan stopped talking and then went for it, fingers crossed. Brennan stopped dead in his tracks, in the middle of placing a spoonful of cereal into his mouth, as if he were posing for a photo. Milk dripped from his spoon into the bowl below, and his chest rose and fell gently as he breathed, the only sign of life. “Freeze.” Brennan froze again, his cheeks bulging with cereal. Perhaps it was because he already asleep, or due to the length of the tape he had made, but Brennan was the most responsive hypnotic subject he had ever had, maybe even more than Thomas.He descended the stairs, and saw his brother, waving his impeccable smile around without discrimination, but did a double take at his friend.Wes felt his heart almost seize, and time seemed to slow as he gazed at this new stranger, who was almost angelic in his attractiveness.Thomas was a star athlete throughout his school career, and even now, was still in great shape.He graduated college with two degrees, and, at twenty seven, had already traveled a good portion of the globe on various missions of charity.

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