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I don’t know how close Nick’s Garrick is to the real man - and it is a play about Hogarth, not Garrick - so ultimately, I’m honouring the script, not the man.

The one thing I learned about Garrick which really tickled me was that he invented a special fright-wig for Hamlet, so that his hair would slowly stand on end when he saw the ghost of his father.

Nick’s Hogarth seems to believe that agitprop is a waste of time, particularly in the theatre. Do you honestly think that an angry play will change governmental policy? He can mass-produce his prints and have his 'modern moral subjects’ on the walls of every home in London - and slowly, the message sinks in.

What is it about Hogarth and his struggles that speaks to a contemporary audience, do you think?

"Acting is my outlet where I pretend to be gregarious for a few hours": An Interview with Mark Umbers Acclaimed for his stage performances across dramas (The Vortex, The Browning Version, The Glass Menagerie) and musicals (Sweet Charity, Merrily We Roll Along, She Loves Me), as well as his work on TV and film, Mark Umbers is currently playing Robert Walpole and David Garrick in Nick Dear's Hogarth's Progress, a double-bill of plays focusing on William Hogarth and his circle at Kingston's Rose Theatre, directed by Anthony Banks and co-starring Bryan Dick, Keith Allen, Susannah Harker, Ruby Bentall, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Jasmine Jones, Ben Deery, Ian Ballard and Jack Derges.

Here Mark shares his thoughts about playing historical figures, what we can learn from Hogarth these days, the joy of revisiting Merrily, and a candlelit memory from The Glass Menagerie.

The onset of the Victorians attempted to wipe the surface clean - so it’s fascinating to get a glimpse of what Britons were like before having a moral compass foisted on them.

One Saturday morning in August, I was walking to rehearsals through Soho and Fitzrovia.

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Are there any particular themes in the plays that resonate strongly for us today, or indeed that resonate for you personally?

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