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He had settled with a career outside of wrestling and didn’t care whether his remarks would result in him being blackballed by WWE. “Truthfully I do like john, but if u ask me a question im gonna answer it truthfully.

“If I spoke out it would have ruined my chance of returning to WWE,” he said.

She also wrestled in another Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. Shelly Martinez was added to the storyline to side with Phoenix against Laree.

On October 12, she appeared in OVW under her real name.

She continued to wrestle with the Gathering when they feuded with the Disciples of The New Church.

During this feud, James was kayfabe burned with a fireball by Father James Mitchell.

James and Stratus defeated Candice Michelle and Victoria in the match. Stratus pushed her away and James' character made a complete heel turn. James' character later said she would destroy Stratus.She finished the year losing matches against Martinez and Jillian Hall.A Halloween Costume Contest was part of the story line. She even started using Stratus' personal finishing moves as her own during matches.When Mc Neil tried to change the subject to , she said, “I just don’t like to talk about my personal life. you’re not funny.” Dykstra, who now refers to himself as Kenn Doane, made a number of claims online in 2012 alleging that James had an affair with Cena while the two were engaged. well u know.” Cena’s relationship with James resulted in Doane being transferred from the Raw brand — where Cena and James were working — to Smack Down.Those are those little snide comments that people think are clever . On Twitter, Doane said he discovered James had been cheating on him with Cena when he noticed her searching rumors online about herself being unfaithful. She was checking to see if it was on the net yet,” Doane recalled. The once-promising wrestler languished throughout his duration on the blue brand before being released from his WWE contract on November 2008.

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James' gimmick was that she was Stratus' biggest fan and later became Stratus' stalker. She started her wrestling career on the independent circuit in 1999.

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