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But friendship is always good too for people in New York you probably alreay know but here tha T cute emo guy singer isnt really dating that girl from hoston whos her name is Yeyni the truth is cute emo guy singer brother is dating her and the cute emo guy singer and josh dont like ech oter so they changed there last name and never talk IMHO I don't believe so, based on the following.In "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" the Whos are a little larger than Max, the Grinches dog. The form "who's" is a contraction, a shortened form of "who is".Distinguishing exact stratigraphic relationships between the sedimentary units that outcrop in the Canal remains a question of debate.Here, we will look at a series of figures used by geologists to interpret observations of rocks in the field. What different types of rocks outcrop on the surface and where?Different colored and fill textures distinguish different rock types.Note the abundance of volcanic rocks, as much of Panama was formed from a marine volcanic arc.Each rock unit, or geologic formation (in the column to the left), is mapped in detail. The mix of fossil types, ranging from clams to plants, mammals and crocodilian teeth, all record changes in the environment over time. marine.) The sands, muds or silts in which those fossils are preserved reflect the depositional setting in which those fossils were preserved. quiet lagoon.) Geochemical parameters give information about the chemical conditions. A fragment of a fossilized crocodilian tooth, a common find in the PCP Canal Localities.All textures and symbols have a specific meaning; even the contacts between units are denoted whether observed (and type) or inferred. Paleoenvironmental conditions fluctuated from brackish near-shore, shallow marine environments to sandy river beds with many terrestrial mammalian fossils.

(2) CROSS SECTION By noting structural relationships between different rock types, we can infer the three dimensional relationships of those rocks stacking underground.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

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The figure below is a sample stratigraphic column for the primary formations which outcrop in the Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal. The following illustration is a detailed and scientific reconstruction of the hypothesized paleoenvironment during the early Miocene. For example, the abundance of crabs, leaves and other marine invertebrates in the Culebra formation give evidence to multiple stages of marine transgression and regression, in which sea levels rose and fell.

Interpretations of the paleoenvironment are listed on the right. Clams and gastropods indicate saltwater environments. Fossils in the Cucaracha Formation, by comparison, include teeth of ancestral horses, camels, and other terrestrial species.

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