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Their entire relationship boils down to the two of them working together on Midna’s behalf.Zelda is, at her core, a princess first and it shows. For the majority of the game, Zelda seems to straight up hate and resent Link for his natural abilities.That doesn’t mean those moments aren’t there, though.They may feel like secrets, but they shine a considerable amount of light onto Link and Zelda’s relationship. and how it supposedly keeps the Triforce bearers together, it’s only natural we assume Link and Zelda are going to meet up when reincarnated in the same cycle.She’s at her most royal here and Link has his own baggage to deal with, mainly stemming from Ilia’s amnesia. This mostly stems from her own insecurities, notably her inability to awaken her powers as Princess, but it doesn’t stop her from detesting Link for roughly 85% of the whole game.

The two actually work together and bond with one another consistently.While it’s quite rare, there have been two notable instances of Link and Zelda meeting, but failing to become friends.In , they really do have quite the business based dynamic.You may not have noticed, but Link is actually a really short guy. There isn’t a single Link that stands out as particularly tall.For that matter, Link is always depicted shorter than Zelda in each and every incarnation.

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